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Denver, Colorado

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About Denver

One of America’s fastest growing cities, Denver offers a wide variety of living options, from urban high-rises to suburban homes with large backyards and everything in between. Offering 300 days of sunshine a year, Denver is a lively and diverse city that has something for everyone, from outdoor activities and vibrant nightlife to a thriving art scene.

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Data provided by American Census Survey 2021
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Area Schools

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Top Lifestyle Trends

The lifestyles trends below are based on billions of social media data points broken down into 52 segments and mapped at the neighborhood level. The scores indicate the prevalence of each segment in an area.

Art Lovers
Galleries, city murals, and skillful latte art gets this population excited. They're always on the lookout for creative expression.
Mindfulness & Spirituality
Seeking peace and well-being through meditation, gratitude and spirituality.
Yoga Advocates
Improving flexibility, strength, and overall well-being is the yogi's aim. This population is looking for the right community, instruction, and accessories.
Fitness Fashion
Workout clothes aren't just for working out anymore. This population enjoys wearing name-brand athletic apparel for fashion and functional purposes.
From generous tipping to standing ovations, this population has a way with giving someone a pat on the back.
Whiskey Business
Characterized by their appreciation for all things whiskey, this population enjoys the classy atmosphere of whiskey drinking and learning about different brands.
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Commute Highlights

The percent ratings below indicate the portion of area residents who commute to work by walking, car, public transit, or cycling. The most popular method of commuting in this area is car, used by 85% of people, and the average commute time to work is approximately 26 minutes.

Commute Methods
Data provided by American Census Survey 2021